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Interview articles

Shine some light on your rare disease and your colleagues with an in-depth and well written interview article!

There’s no better way to grab the attention of the general public than by sharing the stories of the people making a difference in the rare disease community.  

See examples of “VASCERN Spotlights” interviews articles written by me, here and here.

This service includes:

Content creation for your social media channels

Want to reach more people, but don't have the time to create and post content on your social media channels regularly? Let me handle that!

After discussing your communication strategy I will prepare social media posts, catered to your target audience, and can even offer community management servies, if needed. You will instantly increase your number of followers and your overall engagement!

This service includes:

interviews for rare disease community

Medical translations and English language editing services

Have a scientific publication, educational materials or other valuable French resources that you would like to be perfectly translated into English?

I am a native English speaker with over 10 years of experience in French to English medical translations. I can also edit your scientific manuscripts before submission to scientific journals in order to give them a final, high-quality English language review. See examples of articles I have edited here and here.

I can equally translate subtitles for your educational videos so that they can reach a wider audience (see here for French video with my English subtitles that now has 18,000 views).

Custom content creation and or medical writing requests

Need a great new article for your website, an e-book on a specific topic, help writing a grant application or any other content writing request...I am here for you!

I know how busy things can get and how an extra set of hands for a specific project can take a load off your shoulders. Let me know about the project you are working on and I will be happy to help! 

Examples of what I can do: